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Harry – Biliary Fever

Warm moist weather at the beginning and end of the rainy season is what ticks need to survive. Ticks can transmit disease to your dogs.  A common one is canine babesiosis.  This is similar to malaria in humans. The incubation ...

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Cardiac Tamponade

Joos – Cardiac Tamponade

Joos an 11yr yrs old boerbull presented at Alphen with shortness of breath.  Dr Russell Leadsom  is a  referral veterinarian with a certificate in cardiology who consults regularly at the Alphen Veterinary Hospital.  With his special skills and using our state of ...

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Dazzle – The Importance of an Annual Health Check

Dazzle an 12yr old black Labrador came in for her routine inoculations . Dogs are inoculated every year to prevent fatal diseases like distemper and parvo viral enteritis. We hardly see these diseases in the Alphen Vet because people inoculate their ...

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Dumi – Our Blood Donor

Blood donors in veterinary practice are primarily used for the treatment of dogs with biliary and of course dogs that have suffered from major blood loss. Dr Currie’s Rottweiler “Ndumu”, or “Dumi” as he is affectionately called, is our blood ...

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