Medical Insurance

No one wants to think about what might happen when things go wrong. However, possibly more traumatic than an accident or illness, is not being able to provide financially for your pet in their time of need. Whilst we always try to find solutions that meet your needs as well as your pet’s needs, we strongly encourage you to consider a medical plan for your pet. The highest standard of care incurs cost, and medical plans enable us to make the best decision for your pet irrespective of the costs involved.

There are a number of medical insurance and medical aid plans in the South African market.

At Alphen Vet we recommend MediPet as a reputable company who offer excellent cover. If you would like to discuss which option may be best for your pet, please come and chat. Alternatively, to sign up right now click here!

(Note that we do not receive any commission or incentive from any medical plan providers whatsoever. We offer this advice for the benefit of you and your pet.)