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We stock a range of products designed to maintain the health or your pet. Our focus is on preventing problems and finding long term solutions. Every product range that we keep in stock has been screened for it’s quality, effectiveness, safety and overall value to you, our client.

As there are many products listed, we would encourage you to come and speak to us about customizing a solution for your pet.

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Dermoscent is a new, completely natural skin care product range for dogs and cats. The products contain a combination of essential oils, vegetable oils and natural cleansing agents. The carefully selected ingredients are 100% natural and are of the highest quality.

Regular use of the Dermoscent® products will hydrate and nourish your pet’s skin resulting in a smooth shiny hair coat. Dermoscent® products improve skin barrier function and balance the skin’s micro flora which improves skin odour, thus assisting in improving the human pet bond.


The range consists of:

  • Essential 6 spot- on for dogs & cats
  • Essential 6 Shampoo
  • EFA treatment Shampoo for dogs & cat
  • Essential Mouse rinse free shampoo for dogs & cats
  • Atop 7 spray for dogs
  • PYOspot spot- on for dogs
  • PYOclean wipes for dogs
  • PYOclean OTO ear cleanser for dogs
  • SUNfree sunscreen for dogs &cats.

Follow this link for a Dermoscent brochure with more information on the products, and please come in and speak to us about the best solution for your pet.


The new and improved way to control ticks and fleas.

1 Tasty chew
12 Weeks Tick and Flea Protection
0 Worries

  • Bravecto is a wonderful new product on the shelves to help combat the ever waging war on ticks and fleas.
  • Bravecto uses a new active molecule (Fluralaner) which has no resistance.
  • This product is safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age as well as pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs.
  • There is no drug interaction so it is safe to use with your dogs medication.
  • Bravecto starts killing ticks and fleas within 2 hours, it works on the nervous system of the ticks and fleas, the become paralysed and die.
  • Kills fleas in 8 hours, a flea must feed for 24 hours before it can lay eggs.
  • Kills ticks in 12 hours, a tick must feed for 24 to 48 hours before it can transmit disease.
  • It is a tasty chew and is literally a treat!
  • Child safe packaging.
  • Currently only available for dogs.



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Hill’s Prescription Diet

Prescription Diet by Hill’s

What do each of the following conditions have in common?

Painful joints, forgetfulness, obesity, kidney disease, high thyroid levels, allergies, cancer, urinary crystals, hepatitis and gingivitis?

All of these (and more) can be treated or prevented in part or in full with the right prescription diet!

We all know that good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Hill’s Prescription Diet takes this one step further, and tailor makes nutritional solutions to a vast number of medical conditions.

Hills Prescription Diet™ Canine j/d™Hills GuaranteeHills Clinically Proven

Two of our most popular prescription diets are Metabolic diet and j/d. Metabolic is an advanced weight loss formula with L-carnitine to preserve muscle mass while your pet sheds kilos, and low GI so that they’re not hungry on their diet. J/d has been life-changing for so many of our older patients. The high omega-3 content is a natural anti-inflammatory which both relieves the pain and slows down progression of joint disease.

If your pet experiences any health problems please come and see us about finding the right solution for your pet.

Hill’s Ideal Balance

A feeding revolution has arrived!


Ideal Balance by Hill’s

A food that has fresh chicken as its number 1 ingredient, uses whole-grains with no corn, wheat or soy, contains fruits and vegetables, no artificial colourants or preservatives and has grain free options. 100% Balanced nutrition guaranteed.

Ideal Balance by Hill’s provides pet owners with the benefits of a perfectly balanced nutrition with the ingredients they like to see.

Hills Ideal Balance Balanced Nutrition

  • Hill’s manufacture all dry pet foods in their own facilities.
  • Natural ingredients sourced from North America, Europe and New Zealand.
  • Unparalleled safety and testing with:
    • Zero tolerance for salmonella
    • 60 quality checks per batch
    • Hill’s only ships products from our plants AFTER test results show they are safe
  • 100% Balanced nutrition guaranteed OR your money back.



Now the cheapest Vet food on the shelf!

Omega Dog Food has been formulated by companion animal nutritionists and the Feed Technology Group of the University of Stellenbosch. The food is continuously undergoing laboratory testing to make sure it is the best quality for your dog. It is rich in ostrich and quality raw ingredients.

Omega Logo

Omega Dog Food comes in 3 types:

  • Omega Puppy All Breed, 8 kg
  • Omega Adult Premium, 8kg and 25 kg
  • Omega Adult Classic, 8 kg and 25 kg

Omega Dog Food promotes your dogs optimal health in the following ways:

  • Omega contains Omega Oil+®, a special blend of animal, fish and plant oils, in the optimum omega-6: omega-3 proportion. Supplementary salmon and flaxseed oils supply EPA and DHA, the important Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Omega products are low allergenic, Ostrich is used as the main source of protein and no beef (or beef fat), artificial colourants or flavourants are included. Beef and beef by-products have proved to be the protein most commonly associated with dietary related allergies in dogs.

Omega Food Range

Pro Pac

Pro Pac is an imported superpremuim pet food. What we like about it, besides the fact that it is a complete 100% balanced diet, is that it offers good quality food at a good value price. Pro Pac is a concentrated food and requires a relatively small volume be fed. Not only does this make the brand a cost effective option, but results in smaller, or less frequent stools being produced.

Pro Pac is a wheat free diet which may be of benefit to some individuals. It carries a 100% money back guarantee – as do all of the foods that we stock.

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