There is beauty in a name

It tells a story of a relationship or a character. There is life in a name. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have heard of work with Vetsol, Hills and Network for Animals, were we sterilized approximately 148 animals on a weekend in the winter months, which are often two busy, cold days.

On paper, that’s a big number. But every single one is a life treasured. For people who have nearly nothing, sometimes their pet is everything. They walk to the hall and stand in the freezing cold, waiting to entrust their pet to these strangers from afar. Over the years they have seen that the sterilized pets in their community are healthier, and live longer.

Mr Daniels comes in with two dogs. “What’s this one’s name?” pen on paper, “Whisky.” And his friend over there? “Skollie van die Kaap.” He hands the two over, glances around shyly and gives Whisky a soft kiss and leaves quickly. Back out into the icy wind to wait a few hours, until he needs to slowly walk his two drowsy dogs back home after surgery. He has little understanding of the medical procedure but he loves his dogs and will do what’s best. That’s trust.

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