How is feeding your Pet different these days?

Dr Rose talks to us about feeding our dogs. How much is appropriate? Is premium food worth it?

There are a number of different ways to feed your petand a lot of personal choice that comes into it. It’s about what works for your pet. In terms of brands of food – a premium brand will have a much higher quality nutritional value, partly due to a lot more research that has gone into obtaining a good food balance for your pets‘ long term health. For puppies this is most important.

When offering food to your pet leave it out for half an hour, take it away and offer then food again at a later time.This way you will get a good idea of how often your pet is eating. If they skip meal for any reason, you’ll know right away and you can quickly determine if there is a problem. Puppies should be fed about four times a day, for adult pets twice a day is sufficient.

The difference between dry & wet food?

Wet food to some extent promotes gingivitis (gum disease) and more plague on the teeth. Dried food tends to assist with more of a cleaning effect of the teeth.

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