Our services


When you bring your pet to us for a first time consultation, we’ll take some time to get to know you and register your pets on our system. Our vet will examine your pet in a confidential, safe and comfortable consulting room and ask you questions about your pet’s relevant history and current concerns. Sometimes further diagnostic tests will be required to fully assess your pet’s condition and our hospital is very well equipped to handle what may be required. A treatment plan will be formulated with your input and carried out depending on what your and your pet’s needs are. We understand that every case is different and that there are practical, financial, sentimental and personal factors at play – so whether in a routine visit or more serious situation, we seek to guide and equip you as the pet owner for any healthcare decisions you need to make.

Preventative care services aim to avoid the occurrence of disease or sickness, and to ensure your pets are staying healthy. These services include vaccinations, parasite control, wellness examinations, and our complimentary weight management program.

Advanced care services are for when illness and accidents occur. Whatever the scenario we are equipped to assist. This may include diagnostic tests, ultrasound, dignostic imaging, surgery and treatments to get them on the road to recovery.